5 Design Ideas to Make Your Bedroom an Ideal Sleep Sanctuary

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Ideal Bedroom

For sure, you would want to make your bed like a real sleep sanctuary. A quiet and pleasant place where you can rest and de-stress after a long tiring day. After all, your sleep surrounding can play a huge role in the quality of your sleep.

Thus, you should make sure that your bedroom can contribute for you to have a sound sleep. You should make it clean, cool, quiet, and serene. You can achieve these things by making the design of your bedroom awesome and conducive to sleeping.

So, without further fussing, here’s a list of design ideas that can turn your bedroom into something like a sleep sanctuary.

Soft Gray Bedroom Design

If you want to make your bedroom conducive to sleeping, you should start in the room’s color scheme. You can achieve a pleasant look for your sleep surrounding by making a soft gray color central to the room’s design.

A color scheme of soft gray will rival the relaxing effect typically acquainted with the pure white color. Soft gray is fresh, and it does not provide the room with a stark aura that pure white gives. This color theme also provides an illusion of a bigger space in your bedroom.

Zen-Inspired Bedroom

Zen style designs for a bedroom has been trendy recently. It’s because this bedroom design is simple, clean-looking, and pleasant to the eyes, which makes it the go-to design when you want your bedroom to be an excellent place for resting.  

For you to pull off this bedroom design, you simply have to look for nice Zen artworks and display it in the room. Also, clutter is a big no in Zen philosophy, so you have to see to it that the room is neat and clean.

It’s also essential that you create a bedroom structure that can let natural air and light pass through into the room. It’s because Nature is central to Zen.

Rustic Style Bedroom

Some people find it hard to define what’s a rustic bedroom design. Folks would say that it’s about the feeling that you’ll get when you’re in it and less about the main rules of the design. But if you’ll go into a rustic bedroom, it’s undeniable that it’s splashed here and there with raw materials and nature-inspired items.

The wonderful array of wooden furniture, natural fabrics, traditional room accessories, a homely color scheme will surely grab your attention. However, besides the overall natural vibe of a rustic style bedroom, it does not mean that you cannot add a contemporary piece to it.

For you to add some modernity to it, you can outfit it with modern lighting or have some comfortable bed sheets in trendy colors. Or furnish it with a traditional furniture piece along with a contemporary accessory.

Greeny Bedroom Design

There’s something about the color green that gives peace and serenity. When you look at something green, it seems that the pleasantness of the color will affect a part of your being.   

If you want to have this vibe into your sleep sanctuary, you should add as room accessories a green floral wallpaper and indoor living plants in it. Adding some living plants and a green floral wallpaper is an excellent way to calm your mind and invigorate your senses.

It will also contribute to the aesthetic appeal if you display an array of artworks that depict nature such as a lake, lush forest, or wild animals. A green color theme is also practical to help you sleep at night soundly.

Feminine-Inspired Bedroom Design

Calming and soothing. These are the qualities of a feminine-inspired bedroom. The best thing about this bedroom design is that it’s trendy nowadays that some men even incorporate it into their man’s cave.

The striking and popular color of a feminine style bedroom is pink and lavender. You can also put the feminine details in the bed accessories such as in the blanket and bedspread. For instance, you can have a pastel bedspread or a pink blanket for it.

The furniture is also an excellent item to carry the feminine vibe. You can furnish it, for example, with an ottoman piece that comes in a delicate color that can contribute to the color scheme of the room. You can look for ottomans in sites like Deal Wiki for that purpose.


It’s essential that you create for your bedroom a soothing and calming atmosphere.  After all, your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary, that’s why you should incorporate a design that makes it conducive for sleeping. You can take some cues from the bedroom design ideal above for that purpose.

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