Let There Be Light: 5 Tips to Illuminate Your Bathroom with the Ideal Lighting

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Light is a vital element in our daily lives. It provides guidance all throughout the day, encouraging us to wake up in the morning and swaying us to sleep during night time.  Rightly placed lighting enhances our productivity in the office and adversely, a dimmed lamp would be a perfect lighting for a romantic dinner for two. Bathroom is one essential place in our home, we use it for shower, bath and vanity. There’s some challenge, for sure, in providing your bathroom with the ideal lighting.

Planning your bathroom lighting is a vital step, Could it be to pay extra detail to what to illuminate? Where would you like to have more light and where less? The same with other parts of your house, your bathroom needs some illumination to make it a functional space where you can do the tasks that you need to be doing.

When you’re looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror, for instance, it’s necessary that you have a well-placed lighting to make you create the look that you want for yourself. As such, the odds are great that you’ll ruin your look or getup if there’s no or little light that can help you in grooming yourself up.

That’s why it’s essential that you furnish your bathroom with the ideal lighting for that purpose. For a little help, here’s a list of tips on how to provide your bathroom with the necessary lighting. As light has such a wide range of impact on our health and wellbeing, it’s critical that it is explored and addressed in our home.

Outfit It with the Right Task Light

It’s essential that you furnish your vanity mirror with the right task light because it’s where most of the grooming happens. For this purpose, wall sconces are the perfect lighting fixtures that can illuminate your vanity mirror and can uplift your mood looking at yourself beautifully.

For example, you can install two pieces of wall sconces at your bathroom mirror. You should make sure that it’s mounted at eye level for you to see yourself clearly when you’re grooming. Wall sconces are a type of task lighting that can provide light in the bathroom and prevent shadows in it.

Ambient Lighting for Style and Function

Ambient lighting is important to serve as a substitute light when there’s no access by the natural light into your bathroom. This type of lighting is excellent in illuminating the perimeter of your bathroom when you mount it at the ceiling.  Amplify the looks of your washroom with simplistic designs from Lamptwist Designer Lightings.

You can choose among the best lighting fixture that can do the role of ambient lighting in your bathroom. However, the best lights out there are pendant lights and chandeliers. Pendant lights and chandeliers won’t solely give a functional illumination in the bathroom, but it will also provide an aesthetic appeal to it.

Highlight the Bathroom Essentials with Accent Lights

If there are excellent items in your bathroom such as a painting or a piece of furniture, accent lighting is what you need to provide radiance to these pieces. One of the excellent lighting fixtures nowadays that you can include in the accent lighting are recessed lights. It can provide style as well as function to your bathroom. You can also highlight your vanity mirror, large mirrors serves as a focal point in the bathroom and it will definitely add a charm to your bathroom.

Use Dimmers

If you want to control the lighting in your bathroom or create a particular mood that you want, you can utilize dimmers for it. The good thing about lights with dimmers is that they can do the job of both ambient and accent lighting tasks. Dimmers are also energy-efficient. Thus, if you want to save money, dimmers can be a great help. Just make sure your bathroom is still well light as improper use of dimmers can cause accidents and cuts when your shaving.

Prioritize Safety When Installing Bathroom Lights

You should never forget that electricity and water are dangerous companions. Thus, if you want to install lights in your bathroom, you should see to it that you prioritize safety first and foremost. When installing bathroom lights, it’s essential that you hire a professional electrician to do it.

You should also make sure that there’s a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in the bathroom. This device can do the job of stopping any electrical ground-fault which is a good thing to keep you safe in the bathroom.

Important things to bear in mind in respect to your bathroom lighting project:

  1. Safety is always a priority –  We can never let aesthetics to win over safety! The bathroom is a wet area, as we know electricity and water are deadly “combination”. So, carefully check and observe the location of your lighting fixtures , and consult a certified electrician before going  into installing any lights in your bathroom.
  2. Choose the appropriate  bulbs. Whatever design of lighting fixtures you have chosen for your bathroom, think about what is its function. You can’t place a small, low voltage bulbs to light up your entire bathroom. Having a dimmed room is sweet but not applicable to your bathroom since it can cause accidents like slipping over the wet floor.


Bathroom is one of the most important and essential functioning area of any house as it is often visited. We spend a lot of our time in them and yet they are often tucked away in our minds when it comes to lighting design. Designing your bathroom is very important as it can potentially increase the value of your property. Bathroom lighting should not be left out when you’re planning to make improvements to your home. Not only that lighting can provide the function to your bathroom, but it can also give style and aesthetic appeal to it. Thus, if you’re going to provide lighting to your bathroom, the tips above can help you with it.

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